1. Agree but same for all.

2. Restart the IDE is the solution when you don't know what exactly the problem is (and if you don't know what the problem is, I think you are the problem). Web techno don't often require compilation, so they may not be using cache system to optimize this process, and that's why restarting IDE is often not the solution for web development's issues.

"Device to device + version to version" === "browser to browser + version to version + responsiveness in mobile devices" .

3. Agree but it's the same for all (web, mobile, backend, devops etc..)

4. If you only need a plain HTML file to see the result of your work, I would say you only need XML to see your app running on your phone.


- Powerful machine: ok agree but many other domains require the same thing. The thing is: shouldn't we have a powerful machine to work in IT?

- Physical android devices: ok this point would have been counted if the article had been written in early 2000s

- Do you need a play store account to start learning? What for?

- It's a little frustrated now I agree but it's the same problem for every single technos. (just choosing a javascript framework to start is already a pain).

6. Don't know what you mean, but IT world is about changing every single day. Some solutions may work well today but tomorrow, they could be just trashes.


- You don't talk about the money you could earn if people download your app but only about 25$ subscription fee for the lifetime. And just take a look at our colleagues, iOS guys, they don't have that chance!

- The "Key file" you talk is to protect YOU, the developer, and users.

- Don't know if changing name of an application is a concern of beginners.

- "Pushing code into github is enough" ... : ok, don't know what to comment here.

8. Ok I like you first sentence: "This is an issue in both web development and android" and it's enough to close this point.

9. You only copy a "solution" in StackOverflow that you don't understand, it breaks other things, you don't understand neither, and then you say it's the problem of Android.

Minification offers you much more than just a small-size apk. You want to utilize these features, but you don't want to work? "Sorry we don't do that here".

P/S: I think we'll have other articles saying that "Starting career with X was a bad idea" which X is any domain that you get into.



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